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LaborPress honored Local 812 President Ed Weber for his outstanding contributions to organized labor and presented him with a Labor Leadership Award in late November. 

Local 812 Secretary-Treasurer Vitta introduced Weber and told the attendees about the Clare Rose strike.  Vitta said,LaborPress Vita ”Ed’s leadership provided balance when dealing with politicians and agencies, made sure the truthful message was sent to all…through his leadership, we won that strike.”  


President Weber, known for his modesty and effectiveness as a union leader, accepted the award and spoke about the successful strike, saying, “For 84 days my executive board was out there seven days a week with the strikers…nobody crossed the picket line…everybody stuck together.” He concluded, “We must continue to fight corporate greed. This award is for Local 812, and all unions across the country and labor leaders that do this job every day.” 

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