Ed Weber
44-year Teamster

Before being elected President of Local 812 last year, Ed had been a lifelong Teamster at Coke. Working at Coca Cola as a Haulage Driver, Warehouseman and Vending Technician, Ed served as Shop Steward for over a decade before being appointed as a Business Agent and Trustee for Local 812. Ed is also Chairman of the Local 812 Health Fund and a Trustee on the Local 812 Pension Fund.

Ed Weber

Joe Vitta
Secretary Treasurer
37-year Teamster

Joe started his career in the soft drink industry at the age of 15 as a helper for Pepsi distributor Suydam Beverages during summers and school breaks. He joined Local 812 when he was 18 and worked in the loading department as summer help. In 1974, he was hired permanently as a warehouseman for Pepsi. He was elected Shop Steward in 1982 and held that position until he was elected to the 812 Executive Board as a Trustee/Business Agent in 1987. He was elected Recording Secretary in 1991. Joe is also Chairman of the 812 Pension Fund, Trustee of the Health Fund and Chairs the Computer and Delinquency Committees.


Joe Vitta

John Visconti
Vice President
28-year Teamster

John has served as Recording Secretary and Business Agent.  He was a long-time Shop Steward at Pepsi-Cola in the Bronx. He saw the difficulties members face everyday. He knows experienced leadership is very important in these difficult times. “I am committed, along with the rest of this Executive Board, to fight for all our members. With our integrity and hard work, we will keep Local 812 strong.” He is also a Trustee of the 812 Health Fund.



James Surdi
Recording Secretary
33-year Teamster

A 33-year Teamster, 30 as a member of Local 812, Jim has been around unions and believed in their core values throughout his life. Growing up in a union household in a working class Brooklyn neighborhood, the importance of protecting working men and women has always been close to Jim’s heart. “As a long time Steward at Pepsi NY, I’m excited to help all my fellow 812 members as part of this Executive Board.”  He is also a Trustee of the 812 Health Fund.


James Surdi

Mario Alvarez
40-year Teamster

Mario was born in Honduras. There, Mario attended school in the morning and worked as a mechanic in the afternoon, but his dream was to move to the United States to make a better life for himself and to start a family. He made that dream come true and moved to the U.S., where he enrolled in the Spanish American Institute to learn English. While in school in 1971, Mario’s life changed dramatically. During that important year, Mario was hired by Coca-Cola as a fleet mechanic, became a proud member of Local 812, and got married. In 1975, he was promoted to shop foreman. In 1987, Mario was elected Shop Steward, and in 1999 was appointed Trustee, and elected thereafter, a position that he continues to hold with much pride and honor.


Mario Alvarez

Angel Martinez
Trustee/Business Agent
20-year Teamster

Angel comes to this Executive Board from Coca-Cola, where he served as a Shop Steward. Thankful and proud for the opportunity to be part of this Executive Board, Angel looks forward to serving our membership 24/7 and being part of bringing this Union and its members to a brighter future for all. Angel is also a Director of the New York chapter of The Hispanic Teamster Caucus and a Trustee of the 812 Health Fund.

Angel Martinez

Jeff Knatz
Business Agent





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