Officers and Business Agents

Edward Weber, President

Joseph Vitta, Secretary Treasurer

John Visconti, Vice President/Business Agent

Jim Surdi, Recording Secretary/Business Agent

Angel Martinez, Trustee/ Business Agent

Mario Alvarez, Trustee

Artie Allen, Trustee

Jeff Knatz, Business Agent

Officer and BA Biographies



Lorraine Rotante, Office Manager - Dues, Executive Secretary to the President

Louise Mazzeo, Administrative Assistant

Jim Scarpati, Union Comptroller

Health Fund

Jim Scarpati, Health Fund Comptroller

Jim Romano, Member Advocate

Joe Geremina, Member Advocate

Retirement Fund

Susette Stone, Fund Manager

Charmetta Thompson, Sr. Administrative Assistant

Jessica Wright, Administrative Assistant

Debbie Mitchell, Adminstrative Assistant

Yahaira Perez, Bookkeeper

General Counsel

Barry I. Levy, Brian.Bank | Rivkin Radler LLP


James Lawrence Green



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