Pepsi New York Stewards

John Barongi John Barongi
Pepsi Fleet Shop Mechanics
Martin Defrietes Martin Defrietes
Pepsi Brush Ave. Loading Dept.
George Deligiannis George Deligiannis
Pepsi College Point Fountain Dept.
Tom Donahue Tom Donahue
Pepsi Amityville
Oscar Fajardo Oscar Fajardo
Pepsi Transportation Dept.
Jim Fraubergh Jim Frauenberg
College Point Production, Night Shift
Bill Hinderliter Bill Hinderliter
Pepsi Amityville
Richard Marino Richard Marino
College Point Production Mechanic
Doug Martin Doug Martin
Steward at Pepsi ny Av.D branch
antonio martinez Antonio Martinez
Pepsi Av.D Production
Steve O'Neill Steve O'Neill
Pepsi Mt. Vernon Vending/Fountain Dept.
Ever Strachen Ever Strachen
College Point Warehouse
Rich Staszewski Rich Staszewski
Pepsi College Point Vending Dept.
Clem Vaccaro Clem Vaccaro
Pepsi Amityville
Frank Vaccaro Frank Vaccaro
Pepsi KBI Loading Dept.
Steve Visone Steve Visone
Pepsi KBI Drivers
Daryl Wilson Daryl Wilson
Pepsi Mt Vernon N.Y. Warehouse Steward
Frank Zaitz Frank Zaitz
Pepsi College Point Production Dept

Coke Stewards

Albert Altreche Albert Altreche
Coke Elmsford Production 3rd shift
Joe Bianchi Joe Bianchi
Coke Staten Island Merchandiser Steward
Anthony Broquadio Anthony Broquadio
Coke Elmsford Production 1st shift
Frank Colon Frank Colon
Coke Bronx Merchandiser Steward
Albert Cortez Albert Cortes
Coke Bronx Fountain
Vinnie Cruz Vinnie Cruz
Coke Bronx Warehouse Steward
John D'Arbenzio John D'Arbenzio
Coke Elmsford Warehouse Steward
Mark Faiman  Mark Faiman
Maspeth Fountain Dept. Steward
Donald Fish  Donald Fish
Coke New Windsor Warehouse
tim gilliard  Tim Gilliard
Elmsford Warehouse
Ken Greenburg Ken Greenburg
Coke Smithtown Fountain Steward
Angel Medina
Maspeth Sales Driver Steward
Angel Moreno Angel Moreno
Coke Bronx Vending Dept. Steward
Todd Mosca Todd Mosca
Coke Smithtown Warehouse Steward
John Padula John Padula
Coca Cola Elmsford Production
Paul Puma Paul Puma
Coke Smithtown Vending Steward
Juan Ramos Juan Ramos
Coke Staten Island Warehouse Steward
John Saverese John Saverese
Coke Staten Island Driver Steward
Ray Schwarz Ray Schwarz
Coke Smithtown Bulk Drivers and Merchandisers
Martin Siegman Martin Siegman
Coke Smithtown O.F.S. Driver Steward
nate ftrickland Nate Strickland
Coke Bronx Warehouse
Vic Vitale Vic Vitale
Coke Maspeth Production Steward
Michael Weber Michael Weber
New Windsor Driver Steward
tony weed Tony Weed
New Windsor Warehouse

Canada Dry N.Y. Stewards

  Joe "Artie" Bowen
Sal Loggia Sal Loggia
Melville Drivers
Brian Sippel Brian Sippel
Melville Warehouse
Craig White Craig White
Maspeth Warehouse

Snapple Stewards

Brandon Cole Brandon Cole
Snapple Newburgh

Union Beer Stewards

Joe Baptiste Joe Baptiste
Union Beer Steward
Mike Martinez Mike Martinez
Union Beer Steward

Manhattan Beer Stewards

Sammy Hernandez Sammy Hernandez
Phoenix Bev Driver Steward
Ralph Williams Ralph Williams
Phoenix Bev Warehouse Steward

Other Stewards

Steve Batson Steve Batson
American Compressed Gas
Louis Chirelli Louis Chirelli
Clare Rose, Anheuser Busch Melville
Ray Devila Ray Devila
American Compressed Gases
Mahamad Drissa Mahamad Drissa
Oak Beverage Steward
Jim Dunnigan Jim Dunnigan
BettaWay Trucking Steward
John Kelly John Kelly
Boening Brothers Beverage
Ray Vogt Ray Vogt
Anheuser - Busch Budweiser Bronx Steward



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