The following is a list of questions that are often raised by Local 812 Retirement Fund Plan Participants.  We have provided general answers to these questions.  However, these answers may not always apply to your individual situation. If you should have any additional questions that have not been answered below, please write to the Fund Office.

The Soft Drink & Brewery Workers Union, Local 812 Retirement Fund is a Defined Benefit Plan governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”).

  • What is a Defined Benefit Plan?

A Defined Benefit Plan is a plan that provides a benefit that is definitely determinable.  This means that the benefit can be calculated based on a stated formula.  One of the advantages of a Defined Benefit Plan is that your accrued benefit cannot go down if Plan investments decline in value.

  • Do I submit contributions to the Retirement Fund on my behalf?

No. Pension contributions are made entirely by your Employer.

  • Do I have an account balance?

No. Participants only have account balances in Defined Contribution Plans.  When you have an account balance, your benefit at retirement depends on the assets in your account.  Your Plan is a Defined Benefit Plan.

  • Can I borrow money from the Retirement Fund?

No. Loans are not permitted.

  • Can I get a lump sum?

No. Lump sum annuity payments are not available from the Plan.



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