• Is my benefit subject to tax?

Yes.  You must complete a withholding election at the time of retirement.  You may also change your withholding election at anytime by completing a new withholding form.

  • Can I give you my change of address over the phone?

No.  For your protection your security, this information must be provided to the Fund Office in writing, with your signature.

  • Can you tell me how much money I will be entitled to at time of retirement?

For your protection, the Fund cannot disclose your benefit information via the telephone or email.  You may send a written request for one estimate per year, free of charge.  The benefit statement will show retirement benefit based on the pension credit that you have accumulated up to the date of your request.  Please note that this estimate will not project any service credit that you may earn during any year in the future.

  • If I die before my retirement, is my spouse entitled to a Pension?

If you are Vested and die prior to beginning your pension, your surviving spouse may be entitled to a benefit at the earliest date at which you would have been eligible if you are married at least 1-year prior to your death. Please see Section VII of the Summary Plan Description Booklet.  

  • If I die after I retire, is my spouse entitled to a Pension?

If you die after you begin to receive your pension from the Fund, your spouse may be entitled to additional benefits from the Fund, depending upon the payment option that you select at the time of your retirement.  For example, if you elect a 75% Husband and Wife Pension, your spouse would be paid 75% of the amount that you received prior to your death.  Your spouse would be paid for the rest of her life.



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