A national version of so called "right-to-work" legislation was recently introduced in the US Congress. This bill would impose anti-union laws across the U.S., including New York. The effect that right-to-work has had on wages and working conditions in the states where it has already been implemented have been devastating, so we need to do everything in our power to stop this law from going into effect nationwide.

What does “right-to-work” really do?

  • Helps Big Business. The same corporate CEOs who put profits over people are backing this divisive legislation. It makes it easier to cut hours, pay less. send jobs overseas and weaken health and safety protections.
  • Cuts Our Pay. The average worker makes about $5,000 less each year in states with these laws. Of the 10 states with the lowest minimum wages, eight have enacted similar laws. (U.S. Census Bureau. State Median Household Income)
  • Limits Our Freedom. We already can work wherever we want and no one forced us to join a union. That's already protected by law. We need a voice at work and to bargain for better wages and benefits.

Preventing national right-to-work legislation from passing is one of the most important tasks facing our Union. We need to make sure that Members of Congress and Senators are hearing from teamsters every single day until this disgraceful anti­-worker legislation is defeated. Together, will fight to protect the future of America's middle class.

Here’s what you can do:

Download the leaflet and share with co-workers, family and friends.

Read up on how “right-to-work” laws hurt everyone and why it’s wrong for workers.

Write to your U.S. Senator and member of Congress and tell them to oppose “right-to-work.” Here’s a sample letter or send them an email here.



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