Teamsters from Local 760 in Yakima, Washington have been on strike since September 19th.  Their employer, hop producer and distributor SS Steiner, is seeking to take away basic union protections.   When workers brought their fight to New York, members of Teamster Joint Council 16 came out to show solidarity on the picket line.

Four SS Steiner strikers flew out to picket in front of the company’s corporate headquarters on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.  “These union rights are the basics of any labor contract,” said Leonard Crouch, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 760. “If we lose our rights, they can weaken our union, so our wages and benefits will be next. We are going to keep striking until these working families get justice.”

Local 812 Recording Secretary Jim Surdi and 812 BA  Jeff Knatz came out to offer the Local’s support.  Surdi said, “We will never forget the union support we received during the Clare Rose strike.  We’ve all got to stand together.  We can’t allow any company in the Brewery industry to slash worker rights and the high standards that Teamsters have achieved.”



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