Working in Beverage Industry is exhausting—and the company always wants it done yesterday. It can be tempting to look at supervisors working as a necessary evil—even a helping hand.

But supervisors aren’t helping us when they do bargaining unit work. They’re taking money out of our wallets. Members lose out on the opportunity to work extra hours—even overtime.

Companies have to pay members who file a grievance for supervisors working violations.

This article and other materials produced by Local 812 will help you stop supervisors DOING OUR WORK.

Step One:  Talk to the Supervisor Who’s Working.

When you see a supervisor working, the first step is to ask them why.

A grievance can and will be thrown out if we don’t first TALK to the supervisor and try to correct the supervisors working violation.  On the grievance form you MUST write down the name of the supervisor or manager who was talked to about the violation.

Usually supervisors will make an excuse about why they’re working (someone has gone to the bathroom, or absenteeism.) Whatever the excuse is, write it down so we have a record and they can’t change their argument later.

Step Two:  Offer to Do the Work.

Ask the supervisor to be able to do the work or ask the supervisor to leave it so that you, or the most senior union employee who wants the work, can do it later.

Write down what the supervisor says, so we have a record if they refuse to give the work to a union employee. (Note: Write your notes off the clock.)

Step Three:  Document the Violation

To win the grievance, we need a record of the basic facts.  Documenting a supervisor working violation is not hard. Just make sure to include the five W’s:

  • Who was working?
  • What work were they doing?
  • Where were they doing it?  (Supermarket, Warehouse or Deli etc.)
  • When did they start working and when did they stop? Including starting and stop time will give management less wiggle room to debate how long the supervisor worked.
  • Witnesses, if any. Witnesses aren’t required but having them strengthens your case.

Once you’ve documented these facts, talk to your steward about filing a grievance.

If you’re nervous about filing a grievance yourself, talk to your steward or business agent about filing the grievance on your behalf. 

Can This Work?

Let’s be honest. The problem of supervisors working has been around for a long time.  And we won’t eliminate the problem overnight. 

But Local 812 members can and are making a difference. Local 812 is working with stewards and members to protect OUR WORK .
Good Union Jobs are Hard to Find So It is More IMPORTANT Than Ever To Protect The One You Already Have !



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