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Political Action

Your contribution to the Local 812 PAC is used in our fight to save thousands of good paying union jobs In New York. While you may wear your company's name on your chest,when it comes to your family and your future, Local 812 has got your back




Out of state companies are threatening to kill more good jobs. To avoid New York State’s recycling and deposit laws, they ship soft drinks and beer from out of state to Long Island.  This is called Trans-Shipping. And it hurts us all!


CDL Drivers

If your soda company does not appreciate your CDL, then beer companies will. Local 812 represented beer companies have the same medical and pension as soda companies and 812 beer drivers are among the highest paid drivers in the country.

Contact us to apply for a CDL driver position with one of our beer companies.



Out of Title Work

When a supervisor does bargaining unit work, he is taking work and money away from you and other Local 812 members. Union members lose out on working extra hours and overtime. It is a violation of the contract.

But we can only file and win grievances with the help of members.


Wanted:  Supervisors Performing Bargaing Unit Work



Strike Preparation

In the private-sector striking for lawful reasons is legal. As long as strikers do not engage in unlawful activity, they cannot be fired. However, under federal law, economic strikers can be permanently replaced. The adage "hope for the best, but prepare for the worst" is a good way to think about striking. Obviously, the easiest way not to be burned during a union strike is to not strike. But if you do, learn to protect yourself.



How Your Dues are Spent

The Local 812 Executive Board knows you work hard for your money and we want you to know where your monthly dues money goes. Protecting what you have requires resources. Here is a breakdown of how your dues are used to protect you and your loved one


Union Rights

Exercising your labor rights is as much a part of our democracy as casting a vote in a political election or voicing an opinion in a membership organization in your community. It's like a vote in a county election or like getting up to say something at a PTA meeting. People do it all the itme. When Union members go to work they have a concept of democracy and having rights as citizens that is missing from the non-union work experience.


Organizing FAQ

How do you organize with the teamsters


You Deserve the Best

Having a union builds your clout on the job. Airline pilots, truck drivers, nurses, teachers, warehouse workers, computer programmers, attorneys – even professional athletes – agree that you need to join together to make things better on the job and for your family.



Job Security

Teamsters are the key to job security. "Just Cause" means Job Security.


Teamster Occupations


Union Factsheet

What have unions done for me?


Coca-Cola Organizing

How can forming a union improve our jobs at Coca-Cola?


Union Advantage

By the numbers


Employer Do's and Don'ts

What your employer can and cannot do


Democratic Union

The Teamsters is a Democratic Union. You are the Union. You run the Union. You make the Decisions.


Local 812 - Standing Proud

The goal of Local 812 is to improve the lives of our members on the job, at home and in the community.




Teamster Links

View Web links to the organizations that our local works with to ensure the best representation for our members as well as improving the communities in which we live.