Local 812 Beer Drivers Know What It Means to Have A Strong Union. The Proof is in the Contract!  Compare the Difference.

The average Local 812 driver makes between $26-$36 per hour. If you add in the employer pension contribution it's $30-$40, and that doesn't include other benefits, such as health care coverage. Local 812 contracts guarantee overtime, commissions, bonuses and more. Many Local 812 CDL drivers earn more than $100,000 and up to $150,000 a year.

Health Benefits
Local 812 members do not pay for their family health care insurance, which includes medical, prescription drug, vision and dental benefits.

Local 812 members have employer-funded pension plans. Unlike a 401(k), the 812 pension guarantees a defined monthly payment for the life. For example, if a member workers for 30 years, his monthly pension is $3,000. If a retiree lives to be 80, that adds up to $720,000 – and that's not including Social Security. 812 Workers at Coke, Pepsi, Canada Dry, Clare Rose Budweiser, Ippolito Distributing, Budweiser, Anheuser Busch Bronx, Phoenix / Lobo - Miller/Heineken all enjoy retiree benefits.

A 401(k) can't provide you with this kind of retirement security.

Other Benefits
Ours contracts contain 11 or 12 holidays a year, 4-5 weeks annual vacation, strong work rules, sick days, personal days, grievance and arbitration clauses, prohibitions on terminations without fair representation, route picking, seniority provisions and much, much more.

Local 812 is proud of our contracts. We have raised the living standards of New York beer drivers through contract negotiations and strong representation.


Isn't it time for you to have your own Local 812 contract?

To learn more, email John Visconti Jvisconti812@gmail.com  or Angel Martinez AmartinezLocal812@yahoo.com or call (516) 303-1455.




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