Mike Ackeler
Coke Smithtown

We were prepared for the worst with Coca Cola Refreshments and we came out on top with a great five year contract that included percentage raises again.


Doug Cunningham
Coke Smithtown

I really thought that we would have to start paying for medical this time around and possibly have CCR go after our pension. Our Executive Board proved once again why we are the strongest union in the country: because we did not lose either one.


Corey Petrella
Hunts Point

This was a tough contract but we came out of negotiations with increases in base pay and commission. We secured our medical and pension also. The best thing was that we now have a real voice with the company. We have the ability to fix real problems on a day–to–day basis with the Union there to help accomplish our goals. Our contract was voted in 126-4 . We have never had a contract vote passed by that kind of margin.



Mark Pooler
Clare Rose

This is the first time we received raises in six years. And with this contract we will receive raises in every year of the contract. We managed to secure stronger seniority language in a couple areas of our contract. The whole Executive Board came to negotiations.  Our contract was secured by our expiration date and ratified the next week. Best of all, it secures our jobs for five years.


Ed Lopez
Pepsi Retiree

I hope our younger members understand how important it is to have a Union. Especially Local 812. When you get this job, you get good wages, good medical and a pension. You get sick days and personal days. You can earn in some companies 5-6 weeks vacation a year. Where else can you get a job like this and not have a college degree? Even those with college degrees can not find jobs like these. I thank the Lord everyday for the Union we have and everyone should also. But these new kids have to realize that immediately after they are hired they fall under a real big Local 812 umbrella that consists of a strong union contract. It’s because of the Union we have these benefits. It’s certainly not because the companies like them. They would pay them $10 an hour with no pension or medical if they could get away with it. We are very lucky to be in Local 812.



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