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The industry we work in is changing rapidly and workers are under attack like never before. We rely on our Soft Drink and Brewery Workers Political Action Committee (PAC) to save jobs and maintain the high standards we have set for our members. But we can’t do it without member contributions. While member’s dues money covers the cost of day-to-day representation and contract negotiations, it cannot be used to pay for political activities.

The PAC provides us with the resources we need to stand up to big business. It helps us to elect pro-worker politicians who we can call on for crucial support. And it gives us the necessary resources for legislative battles such as the defeat of the soda tax and large soda ban. Just complete the form below to sign up.

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Soft Drink and Brewery Workers Political Action Committee Voluntary Political Action Payroll Deduction Authorization Donation – Not U.S. Tax Deductible

Submitting this form authorizes Teamsters Local 812 to collect voluntary contributions from your paycheck. PAC Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

This is to authorize any of the various employers who are or who may become parties to a collective bargaining agreement with Teamsters Local 812, 445 Northern Blvd., Ste. 30, Great Neck, NY 11021, including any renewal thereof, to deduct from my wages and to transmit to the Soft Drink and Brewery Workers Political Action Committee the amount of $1.00 per week or such other amount agreed to.

This authorization is voluntarily made and is not a condition of employment. I understand that contributions to the Soft Drink and Brewery Workers Political Action Committee may be used for political purposes, including contributions to support candidates for local, state and federal offices. This authorization may be revoked by me at any time by written notice to the Soft Drink and Brewery Workers Political Action Committee and to my employer.

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