Update - The Teamster General Executive Board (GEB)has denied Ulrich’s appeal, upholding the Joint Council 16 decision and penalties.  Read the GEB’s decision.  Read Local 812 Pres. Weber’s correction to the decision.

When the Local 812 Executive Board discovered that Local Vice President John Ulrich violated the IBT Constitution and Local 812 by-laws, they took immediate action. An independent investigation uncovered serious violations. Honoring his duty to defend Local 812 members and uphold the constitution and by-laws, Local 812 President Ed Weber filed formal charges and asked the Local Executive Board to conduct a trial.

At former VP Ulrich’s request, a hearing was conducted by the Teamster Joint Council (JC)16 Executive Board.

Ulrich was charged with violating his oaths of office and loyalty to the Teamsters, breaching his duties as a union officer and health fund trustee and colluding with an employer.

The JC16 Executive Board found Ulrich guilty of all charges. Because of the seriousness of his misconduct, they imposed severe penalties.

Summary of Charges

  • Negotiating and approving a collective bargaining agreement without the consent of the Local Executive Board, Health Fund Trustees or member ratification. Without authorization, Ulrich amended the Phoenix/Lobo contract to lower the employer contribution to the Local 812 Health Fund. As a result, the Fund lost $600,000, impacting all members in the Health Fund. Additionally, Ulrich permitted Phoenix/Lobo to provide hundreds of non-union employees with Local 812 Health Fund benefits at discounted rates.
  • Using over $1,200 in union resources for personal expenses. Ulrich used the Local Union credit card to purchase household items from Home Depot and Kmart that included supplies for a bathroom renovation and food. He also charged the Local Union for hotel rooms that were unrelated to union business as well as an unauthorized restaurant bill.
  • Fraudulently collecting 3 months of paid sick leave, including full salary, benefits and auto allowance. Ulrich falsely told the Local Executive Board and membership that he had sustained a serious injury that prevented him from working, but the cause and extent of the injury were not supported by medical records.
  • Refusal to return union property. After he was terminated as a Local 812 Business Agent, he refused to return a union-issued iPad, iPhone and laptop computer.

Summary of Disciplinary Action

  • Ulrich is permanently barred from serving as an elected official or being employed by a Teamster affiliate, including Local 812.
  • Ulrich is banned from Teamster membership for 10 years. He may not associate with any Teamster members or participate in union affairs. Likewise, Teamster members may not associate with him.
  • The membership bar may be lifted after 10 years if Ulrich fully repays Local 812 for the unauthorized purchases as well as reimbursing the three months of salary, benefits and auto allowance he took.
  • Ulrich must immediately return all union property.

Download the full Joint Council 16 decision.



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