Union workers never fight alone.  When Local 812 members at Clare Rose went on strike, they had the support of unions throughout New York, the US and the world.   One of the unions that  helped us to win was the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) in Australia.  They even included a story on our strike in their magazine.

Local 812 Secretary-Treasurer Joe Vita recently received a letter of thanks and congratulations from the State Secretary of ETU’s Victorian branch.  In addition to contributing to our cause, ETU Secretary Gray personally thanked Local 812 and Teamsters across the US for our support in their struggle to save the jobs of 55 of their members employed at Carlton United Brewery.  

In closing, Gray wrote, “We might be thousands of kilometres apart - but we are with you in solidarity and will never forget the assistance of the US Teamsters.”  Likewise, we won’t forget the support we received from the ETU and every other union that was there for us.  And they can always count on  Local 812 to stand with them. Together we are stronger!



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