General Membership Meeting

The next general membership meeting will be held Thurs. April 6th.

Local 812's membership meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. at Teamsters Local 282, 2500 Marcus Ave., Lake Success, NY 11042

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Press Release:
Coke Illegally Lays off 812 Teamsters, Outsources Work to Low-Wage Companies

  • Oppose Anti-Union “Right-to-Work”

    A national version of so called "right-to-work" legislation was recently introduced in the US Congress. This bill would impose anti-union laws across the U.S., including New York. The effect that right-to-work has had on wages and working conditions in the states where it has already been implemented have been devastating, so we need to do everything in our power to stop this law from going into effect nationwide.

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  • St. Francis de Sales Holiday Celebration

    Local 812 officers and staff came out to support the St Francis de Sales School for the Deaf by attending the school’s annual event.   The union has long backed the school and its mission of encouraging the maximum potential for learning in each child regardless of race, creed, color or gender.

    This year's honorees included Local 812 Scholarship Fund President Rich Staszewski and Harold Honickman, who received the Ted Hutchinson Memorial Award.

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  • On the Road to Good Health!

    Earlier this month, the Local 812 RV hit the road to provide health screenings for members. The RV went to several Local 812 employers. The Registered Nursess on board provided free blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol tests for members. Local 812 health fund advocates were also on hand to answer any questions about the fund and benefits.

  • Fighting Soda Taxes Across the U.S.

    Local 812 waged a winning battle to stop Mayor Bloomberg’s soda tax in New York City. Our members, staff and officers rallied, testified at City Council hearings and joined in a lawsuit. It took years, but the NYC tax was defeated.

    Emboldened by the tax that was recently passed in Philadelphia, other cities have imposed soda taxes and more are attempting to do so. This November, voters in San Francisco and Oakland will decide on proposals to raise taxes on soft drinks. Other city councils are considering increasing soda taxes to plug budget holes.

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  • Annual AHRC Car Show

    Local 812 was out in force at the annual car show to raise money for the Association for Habilitation and Residential Care (AHRC) Suffolk. The car show took place on Sept. 25th in Bohemia and featured classic cars, raffles and food.

    AHRC Suffolk serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, and their families.

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  • Gen. Powell Displays Teamsters Local 812 Pride!

    General Colin L. Powell is a former Local 812 member who worked at Pepsi Long Island City.  His time as a Teamster clearly made a great impression.   General Powell even mentioned  Local 812 in two of the novels he has written.

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  • Hoffa To Members: A New Day For Our Great Union

    Agreement Reached to End Twenty-Five Years of Government Oversight.

    The United States of America represented by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York entered into an agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters whereby in consideration of its terms and conditions the United States of America upon order from the court will dismiss its action against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters....

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812 Membership Meeting - November 11, 2016

  • 812 Meeting 11/10/16 - 1
  • 812 Meeting 11/10/16 - 2
  • 812 Meeting 11/10/16 - 3
  • 812 Meeting 11/10/16 - 4

  • Pres. Weber Sworn in as IBT Brewery & Soft Drink Conference VP

    IBT General President Jim Hoffa swore in Local 812 President Weber at Teamster headquarters in Washington, DC, to serve as a Vice President of the International’s Brewery and Soft Drink Conference. The Conference brings together Teamster locals in the U.S. and Canada with membership employed in the brewing and soft drink industries, as well as related sectors.

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  • Phila. Soda Tax Results in 100 Teamster Layoffs at Pepsi

    Teamster Local 830 Secretary-Treasurer Daniel Grace stated, “PepsiCo reported a staggering 43 percent drop in business in the city since January 1, 2017, the day the beverage tax went into effect. Canada Dry is also laying off 25 workers due to a sharp decline in sales because of the tax. Coca-Cola is planning a similarly bleak announcement in the near future. The carnage won’t end there.”

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  • Update: GEB Denies Appeal, Upholds Former 812 VP's Guilt and Penalties

    Update - The Teamster General Executive Board (GEB) has denied Ulrich’s appeal, upholding the Joint Council 16 decision and penalties. 

    Read the GEB’s decision .
    Read Local 812 Pres. Weber’s correction to the decision .

    When the Local 812 Executive Board discovered that Local Vice President John Ulrich violated the IBT Constitution and Local 812 by-laws, they took immediate action. An independent investigation uncovered serious violations. Honoring his duty to defend Local 812 members and uphold the constitution and by-laws, Local 812 President Ed Weber filed formal charges and asked the Local Executive Board to conduct a trial.

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  • College Scholarships

    Local 812 family members are eligible for Teamster college scholarships. 2017-18 academic year applications are now available for the Local 812 scholarship as well as for the JPH Academic and Vocational & Training Scholarships.

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  • Teamster Officers Election Certified

    The results of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters election of officers have been certified by election supervisor Richard Mark. General President Jim Hoffa, General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, International Vice Presidents and International Trustees elected in the membership vote will begin a five-year term in mid-March.

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  • Bett-A-Way Charges Dismissed

    Last year, in a desperate attempt to smear the Local 812 Executive Board, allegations were made involving the Bett-A-Way contract and the Retirement Fund. Out of an abundance of caution, Fund Trustees hired respected arbitrator Martin Scheinman to conduct an independent investigation. After a thorough months-long investigation, Scheinman concluded that the allegations were completely unfounded and without merit.

  • 2016-17 Scholarships Awarded

    The Local 812 Scholarship Committee proudly awarded $75,000 in scholarships to 59 deserving students. Since 2004, the fund has awarded nearly $800,000 to the children and spouses of Local 812 members.

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  • Trans-Shipping Hurts Us All!

    Good jobs are increasingly rare. More and more of our neighbors are unable to make ends meet.

    Yet, out of state companies are threatening to kill more good jobs. To avoid New York State’s recycling and deposit laws, they ship soft drinks and beer from out of state to New York.

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  • Defend Your Job!

    Join the Local 812 PAC!  The industry we work in is changing rapidly and workers are under attack like never before. Local 812 created the Soft Drink and Brewery Workers Political Action Committee (PAC) to save jobs and maintain the high standards we have set for our members.

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  • Never Settle or Stop, Fight to Stay on Top: 812 Union Dues at Work

    Unions give every member the opportunity to stand up for justice and dignity. It's not just contracts; everyone who works hard for a living should have some power on the job, a way of challenging management without worrying about being fired.

    We join together for a voice in the workplace, rights on the job, and to secure a better life for our families and ourselves. Dues provide the resources necessary to run our union.

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